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IAVNA are one of if not the largest stockist of airfield lighting equipment globally. We not only stock our own airfield lighting equipment but have the ability to stock and source all leading manufacturers' products. This enables us to fill your exact requirements. We pride ourselves on quick and efficient service coupled with a vast amount of airfield lighting knowledge and expertise.

Airfield Lighting Equipment & Products

All airfield ground lighting needs a great deal of equipment to keep it all working safely and consistently. IAVNA stocks a wide range of support airfield lighting equipment.

AGL Isolating Transformers

Our range of transformer has proved to be the transformer of choice by the military and many major civil airports, such as, Dubai International Airport, Manchester Airports Group & BAA. We provide the complete range of: isolating transformers, switching transformers, switching units (single and dual), TSR transformers, UK military TISE and TIPE transformers. In addition, we also carry extensive stock from other leading manufacturers such as ADB and Amerace.

Cable & Connectors

There is in excess of 500km of airfield lighting cable within our stock which is suitable for all airfield applications primary, secondary and control. Our cable is readily available in all common colours. In addition, we can also provide embossing on the cable sheath for bespoke circuit designation. As well as stocking connectors, heat shrink joint kits and leads from leading manufacturers we now also provide our own heat shrink kits and moulded leads suitable for all airfield lighting applications.

Constant Current Regulators

Our constant current regulators include: the trusted XR400; state-of-the-art microprocessor-controlled regulator MCR400; the compact CR200; military specification variants the XR405 and the MCR405. Crucially, we have equipped hundreds of airports, airfields and helipads at locations both within the UK and overseas.

Fittings & Components

We stock all current light fittings from leading manufacturers, such as, ADB, ERNI and Thorn, for use in all AGL applications. Also, we stock the latest in LED airfield lighting technology, and we also support existing obsolete installations. In addition, all spare parts for these items are kept within our stock and readily available.

Obstruction Lighting

We stock and supply a vast range of obstacle lighting for all purposes and all types of obstructions in all available intensities.

Furthermore, we provide high mast lighting, rotating beacons and airport identification beacons.


IAVNA retain an extensive stock of all airfield lighting lamps from leading manufacturers that includes: OSRAM, GE, PHILIPs and Sylvania. Fundamentally, our range contains: PK30d lamps, reflector lamps halogen lamps neon and xenon lamps, cold cathode tubes, fluorescent tubes and also hard to source obsolete style lamps.

Additional Items

In addition to the above items we also stock seating pots, adaptor rings, linlaners, sighting devices, clinometers, wind direction indicators (windsocks), and many other AGL products.

Calibration Services

IAVNA provide a calibration service for clinometers, papi platform and spirit levels and also all sighting devices, we even offer a friendly reminder that your equipment is due for calibration.

Portable Lighting

We have a complete battery operated portable lighting solution for emergency or maintenance usage, our ability to provide a complete kit that is pre-charged and ready to use is invaluable. Also, this facility can be supplied within an optional bespoke box trailer complete with work bench.


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