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IAVNA has a long history in the aviation industry.

Our unrivalled insight into the challenges faced by military, private and commercial airfields have enabled us to provide a comprehensive solution for airfield ground lighting, power equipment, spares, signage, transformers, retroreflective markers, and windsocks across the globe.

At IANVA, customer service is a priority, and we have built our business around offering our customers the very best products available on the market, sharing our knowledge and expertise, and working as a single-point solution for all airfield equipment. We back our instincts and stock over £2,500,000 of airfield products, meaning we can supply new fittings or spares from major brands quickly.

With over 40 years of experience in aviation, we are proud to remain independent. We have been at the forefront of advances within the sector, and our passion for innovation helps us search for new products around the world and bring them to the local market. This has recently included SmartBolts from the USA and the Airlifter from Australia. If we see a need for a product, we will manufacture it ourselves.

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