Our Mission

At IAVNA, our mission is to empower our clients and partners with the most effective airfield lighting solutions available.

Our services enable a more cost-effective and streamlined operation, allowing businesses to be more resourceful and support a sustainable future.

We continuously ensure we are at the forefront of airfield lighting development, and we prioritise investing in technological advancements. Outstanding design and efficient operation are at the core of our manufacturing process, and we are constantly discovering new ways to help clients reduce costs without compromising on quality.

Our quality service, prompt response, fast delivery and after purchase support, combined with our extensive product range, means we can offer every client a bespoke airfield lighting system and solution tailored to meet their unique requirements. Our products are tested in some of the toughest conditions, from Canada’s frozen terrain to the blistering heat of the Middle East.

At IAVNA, we are always on hand to assist clients with projects from any stage. As reliable experts in our field, we supply robust and cost-effective airfield products to commercial, private and military customers.

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