LED Aircraft Stand Manoeuvering Guidance Lights (Apron)


The ALS DTS LED Inset Aircraft Stand Manoeuvring Lights are a new addition to the Inset family.  They are part of our new low energy, high performance range of Airfield Ground Lighting.  They are suitable for apron applications and utilise the latest super bright LED technology available in the field.  The range is comprehensive and includes SBS/IN-R Unidirectional Red, TE/IN-Y Omnidirectional yellow and TE/IN-R Omnidirectional Red models.

LED provide long life and low maintenance operation, very low power consumption and reduced running costs compared to halogen (a saving of typically 80%).

They are sleek, sturdy and compact with a low protrusion of less than 6.3 mm above ground level but do not compromise safety, in fact the standard light comes equipped with self learning fail open technology for extra protection.

Please review the range here.


  • 8″ or 12″ base assemblies (bottom/side entry)
  • Adaptor ring 12″ to allow 8″ fitting installation
  • Lifting tool
  • SmartBolts

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