Airlight Lifter for 12" ALS brand lights




Airlight Lifter for 12" ALS brand lights

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Product Overview

The new Airlight Lifting Tool has been specifically designed by engineers who have worked on the airfield regularly.  It makes light work of maintenance and overcomes the most common issues when lifting lights out of the runway for testing, maintenance or replacement.

The tool is designed for fittings with bolts and not studs. 

The 12″ tools will work on fittings with studs and some of the 8″ fittings will work if the lifting point is offset to the stud position. Please ask for more details to clarify.

Save Time – Remove and replace an inset light 30% faster and more consistently than other models.

Save Money – Professionally lift the light fittings for maintenance without damaging them or the rubber gaskets.

Protect Engineers – The Airlight lifter can be used while wearing high voltage gloves and also has a rubber handle and a firm grip that is specifically designed to keep fingers away from the light fitting.

Reduce F.O.D. – Less tools mean less risk, the tool has class 1 reflective tape to make it visible at night.



Features & Benefits

  • Rubber handle to reduce the possibility of electrical shocks.
  • Magnetic handle to speed up removal of washers from fittings.
  • Non-Slip Guards on the tool.
  • Handy extraction hook moulded into body.
  • Pivoted extraction bar designed to minimise effort to lift fitting.
  • Curved leverage point to ease extraction of light.
  • 5 sizes in the range to fit ALS, ADB, ATG, TKH, Thorn, OCEM and old Alstom products.
  • 8” and 12” models with Hook or Round pin extraction points

Technical Specification

  • Metal all stainless steel
  • Rubber Handle (insulated rubber)
  • Nylon Ends
  • Class one reflective tape
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For 12" ALS brand lights

Length (mm)


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Stainless Steel


4.1 Kgs

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