ALS DTS Precision Approach Path Indicator - LED 57W 6.6A




ALS DTS Precision Approach Path Indicator - LED 57W 6.6A

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Product Overview

Our new LED PAPI is a stunning piece of engineering. With a power consumption of 57W this PAPI is significantly more economical than similar products. 

It is both quick and easy to install and set up and comes with an IP65 rating.

The body construction is built to last and is manufactured from 5mm thick aluminium to provide superior thermal management.  It also has a wide operating range of –55OC to +55OC and is suitable for global projects.

The ALS DTS PAPI Lights are part of our popular range of Airfield Ground Lighting.  They allow the pilot to establish and maintain an exact glide path to the runway for the final landing approach phase, right to the touchdown point both day and night.

This enables the approach procedure to be performed with the utmost accuracy and safety.

The system consists of four light units equally spaced at the side of the runway adjacent to the origin of the glide path. The nominal glide slope angle is midway between the central pair of the four units. The PAPI emits two high powered beams of light, the lower part is red and the top part white.



Features & Benefits

  • LCD Screen Display to show real time status
  • Aluminium body 5mm thick for superior thermal management
  • Stable three point supporting structure and accurate adjustment of elevation angle
  • Precise transition from Red to White
  • High quality LED Chips with 50,000 hours rated life
  • Lamp fault alarm and tilt alarm allow fast fault finding
  • Bluetooth and Remote monitoring options
  • Low power lens heater to eliminate condensation

Technical Specification


  • Operating Temperature: -55 to +55oC
  • Protection Class: IP65
  • Humidity: 0~100%


  • Connection: 1×FAA L-823
  • Rated Input Current: 6.6A
  • Power Consumption: 57W
  • Emission: IEC 61000-6-4
  • Immunity: IEC 61000-6-2
  • Service Life/Lamp Life: >50000h 
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